You were led here...

Welcome.  It is no accident that you are here.  Stay awhile.  We have much to offer to lead you onto a path of healing.  Ke'ala means "the path" in Hawaiian.  Everyone is on their own journey home.  We recognize that a pathway toward healing is just as unique as you.  Look around and see what path you want to take.  We are here to help you.  Welcome to your first step toward wholeness.  You are loved.


Who We Are

Our practitioners are experts in their field and will help you to find your way home.  Take a free course, join our community, become a member, be our guest.  Whatever you are searching for, we have a place for you at Ke'ala Spiritual Center.  Come and see who we are...

Online Classes/Private Sessions

If you are ready to explore healing in a one on one session, then we are here for you.  We have a variety of healing modalities available.  Whether it is energy healing, going deeper with a new spiritual practice, or exploring spiritual direction and coaching, we can help you dive deeper into healing yourself.  Like a trusted friend to witness your journey, we are here when you are ready to take the next step.  

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